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C Three provides a very comprehensive and versatile range of services and products enabling users to cover all possible dry ice blasting applications - from the simplest to the most sophisticated tasks.

In spite of the wide range of industries, dry ice blaster machines and accessories, the user will not find it difficult to select exactly the items needed and combine them into standardized sets and basic kits, thanks to the flexibility and rationality with which the IceTech products have been conceived, designed and manufactured.

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Why IceTech Dry Ice Blasting
IceTech KG20 CO2 Blasting System
Dry ice blast cleaning - RSG Technologies

IceTech Dry Ice Blasting: Worldwide Presence

Dry ice blasting systems from IceTech are the most cost effective in the industry because of the quality built into each unit. Each dry ice blast cleaning model is made from all stainless steel construction with quality superior components. IceTech systems have the versatility to be used in numerous industrial applications. They are mobile for easy transport and can withstand hostile working environments. Whether your blast cleaning needs require light or heavy pressure cleaning, IceTech CO2 blast cleaning systems will clean quickly and thoroughly. Click here to learn more of IceTech Dry Ice Blasting Systems.

Dry Ice Blasters
CO2 Blaster Control Panel from IceTech

Dry ice blasters from IceTech offer tremendous range from the Model KG6 units which are extremely frugal on CFM and dry ice consumption and an ideal choice for short run needs to the Models KG30 and KG50 dry ice blaster units which offer tremendous power and ruggedness for aggressive cleaning yet are still very smart in their use of dry ice and air volume. Click here to learn more of IceTech dry ice blasters.

Dry Ice Pelletizers
PR150 Dry Ice Pelletizer

The IceTech IceMaker presents a revolutionary alternative to existing dry ice making machines. The IceMaker provides non-stop supply of high-density dry ice pellets from a source of low temperature liquid carbon dioxide. From a storage tank, a regulated supply of liquid CO2 is expanded to low pressure and forms the dry ice snow which is then pressed through a multiport extruder die by a single acting horizontal reciprocating piston. Click here to learn more of IceTech dry ice pelletizers .

CO2 Blasting: Superior to Traditional Cleaning Methods

The dry ice blasting cleaning process is relatively new dating back to the late 1980's. It is quickly becoming favored to such traditional cleaning methods as steam cleaning, sandblasting or solvents. It can be used in a vast assortment of applications. The use of CO2 blaster equipment is far superior to these from many different vantage points.For dry ice blasting benefits, click here.

Dry Ice Blasting for California (CA)

C Three Microclean Corp. represents IceTech in California (CA). They offer demonstrations, rentals and sales. They also service Washington (WA) and Oregon (OR) .C Three Microclean Corp - Dry Ice Blasting in California (CA) .

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5 Reasons To Choose An IceTech Model For
Dry Ice Blasting:
  1. Uses up to 60% less dry ice
  2. Uses less compressed air
  3. Exceptional training & service CD's
  4. Machines and spare parts shipped within 24 hours of order
  5. Spare parts dramatically less expensive than competition